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I love them all ! They all have their stories….

This not so small guy is double precious. I’ve been wishing for a DSLR since I can remember, but I never had the money and my family didn’t want to invest in that. By some miracle, in the first year of college I took a look at my bank account and I had the money. Yeyyyy! Little that I knew that the site was fake….and I lost all the money. My life was also in a very bad place at that time. Maybe because of that or maybe cause they finally understood that it’s important to me, my parents finally made the effort and bought it for me. Of course, typically Romanian (sorry to say, but it’s true) they searched for a better offer in the American continent and so my camera came from Canada through an uncle.

This little guy was my first purchase after I got the camera. I love portraits. It was also the cheapest good thing I could afford :P.

I started working as an event photographer for some guys I will love forever for giving me the chance and…hey, the money. I thought it as a necessity because I mostly had to do with indoor shots and the light conditions sucked BIG TIME. It also has a very good color balance…million times better than the kit lens. But the angle is rather small so I had to swing with all of them.

Because I got brave and I really started to experiment and fell in love with film all over again. I don’t care what they say, I still find it more comfortable to shoot with film. Maybe because I started with it.

Yes baby, the show is in town! Muhahahahaha

This is the actual first camera I held in my hand and I’ve been using it since I was 8. At the beginning it stayed with my grandfather so I only used it on vacations…I can still smell the roses I used to photograph. Grandpa loves those flowers. He was the one who showed me what all the wheels and buttons do. I remember everything…cause the exponometer is broken. I must approximate on my own which exposure to use.

my eye

I found this lovely guy in a Leica shop in Vienna.It was love at first sight,. I remember I had exactly 100 euros on my card and this guy was 99. =)) And when I came out of the shop, I met (in real life and not just deviant or internet) my biggest photographer crush I ever had. Yes, Severin, Please marry me!

*My mother bought me this standard canon little camera which ran on film when I was in 9th grade, the kind that only worked on two batteries and completely automatic. The most you could do was to turn off the flash =)) , which of course I did! My mother kept annoying me and telling me to stop doing that because the camera was smarter than me and I should let the flash automatic. Yeah, right. Maybe that’s why I also hate flashes =)). I am sorry I don’t have a photo of it yet.

Cause I always wanted one!!!!!

So give me payed photo jobs to afford the film ’cause it’s bloody expensive!!!!


I got this little princess for my birthday in 2012. My step dad usually gives me memory sticks and complicated cooking robots, but this time he was right on the money. I thought to myself, yes, he does get it. 🙂


and because he never does things unless they are perfect, I got a huge kit for this camera.

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