40 year old virgin and co.

About the adult with no past and no future.

“Funny” movies: The Big Lebowski , The 40 Year Old Virgin, Take Me Home Tonight, Cedar Rapids etc etc. It used to be about dorky teenagers, but more and more dorky/nerdy/antisocial/lost adults are supposed to make us laugh while watching the big screen; forty, thirty something adults who are almost a waste of space, but go through some stuff and then they finally evolve, all in an hour and 30 minutes. I think that is scary.

Is it so ok to indulge wasting our twenties? Is it normal to dwell on individuals who haven’t even had sex, mature men who haven’t valued their potential at all, on real “losers”? I understand that it’s in the name of comedy, but it’s not funny…it’s sad.

It seems to me that this is the age of the socially dysfunctional individual. The “looser” adult is only one of the characters that support my theory that our minds are completely confused about our role in this new, huge  society and so we react, debate and create these characters. Of course, I am only speculating. This idea just came to me, but the more I think about it, the more things seem to fit.

When I saw the cover of National Geographic about “7 billion” I just…stopped. How will the individual feel? We were some hundred thousands, them some million, them billion, then internet, now seven billion. The difference is that now a big part of those billions will know about the other billions. I, for one, feel a little bit useless and a lot less unique.

So, we have a lot of aspects to take in account today. Even if you just want to get married and have kids, pretty soon that number of kids will be an issue; your nationality, your our job, your every little thing is in a category, you are part of a market, part of a social network… omg. I am tired. Your goddamn toothpaste will say something about you, says something about you and if you stop and think about it, about every choice you make, you might not have time to make a first step in this lifetime. So, in order to survive we throw ourselves in some kind of flow of human beings. Whether it’s the conscious hard working Prius owner or the “I do whatever I can to get by” case or the couch potatoes living in their parents’ house (even only emotionally), it really doesn’t matter. . .Does it?

*Image above=movie poster for movie “Young Adult”, source: http://pickledpeanuts.blogspot.com

** I wrote this post a while ago and this new movie on the subject just fitted the profile.


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