I go red in the North

Red is for Heart

Red is for Life

Red is for Passion

Red is for Energy

Red is for Brave

Cutting to the chase, I participated in a Youth Exchange from which I came back only a few days ago after 14 days of heaven.

Since I have been back I’ve been continuing to spin round and round with my renovation (blog will come), with traveling and unpacking. Since I still have baggages lieing in my hallways either form Romanian trips or my Latvian one I feel that I have not touched the ground since the 3rd of August when I left for Latvia.

I guess the purpose of this trip was learning. On paper we were supposed to learn about nature, public relations and different media. In reality I feel I learned a whole lot more and I know that in time the things I saw and felt will keep coming back.

I learned how to love complete strangers again. You might say that’s stupid, but it’s extremely human and basic in this life. I feel that most of the people I know are extremely sarcastic (Maybe it’s our generation and the conditions we grew up in.). That makes us tougher on the outside. We melt really hard and it’s rare for true connections to be formed cause no one is let in. Our best friends are the ones we know from childhood or with whom we lived through important things because the experience of growing up or some other strong emotions make us more vulnerable, just enough to make way for feelings like friendship or love, not ironic remarks, envy, judgement or sarcasm. I am a very good example of that and I apologies. I will revise my complete attitude.

More will come. Right now I am almost in a coma….maybe that’s why the sarcasm is on “off”.

Here are some images that make my heart melt from the country where pine trees grow on the beach.

Hey Mr X., maybe this will make you ask me to show you the pictures.

Click for sharper better looking one !! The resize is bleah :((





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