The good old blog post

….where a frustrated blogger spills his/her troubles of the day.

I noticed that in Romania nothing ever goes smoothly.

Example: Our building has some gas-pipe problems. The GDFSUEZ-energy guys came to install something for our new neighbour.

Step1. Of course, they found some gas leaks in the pipes in front of most of the apartments in the building. So, they stopped the gas.

Stept 2. Of course, the guys from GDFSUEZ-energy don’t fix things apparently, so we had to get an authorized firm to fix our problem. Being a Thursday, we found some guys by Friday. The company we are using is the one GDFSUEZ recommended and it’s some sort of baby-firm of theirs. On Friday they only made some more checks and it was left that they will come and actually fix something on Monday.

Step 3. Of course, on Monday they said they can’t do anything cause in order to change the leaking pipes all the people must be in their apartment to sign that every gas using equipment is turned of and we won’t make a big boom out of it(or smth). So they only left word so that everyone is home on Wednesday.

Step 4. On Wednesday they came and discovered a bigger, huge, wow problem. Aka an 1931 faucet that was leaking so bad that everyone is surprised we didn’t blow up by now. Why didn’t they find this on Friday, or Monday? Oh and there is no gas in the while building. It’s week now. Our hot water comes through our gas fueled heating systems. That’s why I love wind power =))) and it smells better too.

You can skip the example and ponder on this:

How many times in this country things went smoothly without bribery or calling and uncle/father/friend who can order things around?

It’s so stupid because I know people who always go around the long process. They have someone on the other end of the phone in 5 seconds or they show a little green to exactly the right people. Somehow their process is smoother. I never agree and I find that way kinda’ disgusting cause maybe that’s why it’s so hard when you don’t have the bribery and/or connections. But, at least, it shows it’s possible, yet it rarely happens.

I am also mad cause I find myself so delighted when things go all right instead of being…well, neutral, cause that’s the way it should be and not thank God if I manage to resolve something in relations to state/public institutions or big companies in a day…sorry, a week.


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