Vampires and killer children

Sometimes both!!

OK, I enjoyed “Let me in”, I admit it, but by the time I got to “Case 39” (after seeing “Hanna”) I started wondering about all this killer child movie trend. Are adults boring now? I the new 007 going to be 5?

I saw the other day this clip:

and laughed my ass of!

So Twilight, Daybreakers, Vampire Diaries, True Blood…but then I see the trailer of Fright night and I lose it.

I know the economic crisis is hard, but I didn’t know it was an inspiration world crisis. Really!?

Why would you do this to Colin? Lovely Colin looks like a botox/photoshoped voodoo doll who chases around a young dude who isn’t neither as frail neither as cute as he should be (or at least one to justify the plot…or the poor excuse of a movie).

Oh, and I liked Hanna for the scenes. It has an amazing visual direction.

4 Responses to “Vampires and killer children”
  1. mary says:

    acum vreo doua saptamani am vazut si eu “let the right one in”, fusese pe lista de asteptare de prea mult timp. cred ca i-am dat 4/5, din cauza actritei care l-a jucat/a jucat-o pe eli (cah cah cah). cinematografia la versiunea norvegiana e supeeerba, though. si baietii sunt deliciosi.

    tisk, tisk. e blasfemie sa pui true blood in aceeasi oala cu twilight sau vampire diaries. trebuie sa te convertesc.

  2. Angelique says:

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