Beauty, grace and long legs


I had fun today with Mrs Freckles. I was mad that only other non-professional photographs of the Transylvania International Horse Show  were on the internet.

Me: …Ăilalţi ce păzesc?

Mrs Freckles: caii, nu ştiu

So, I got this gig to photograph at the first International Horse Show in Romania which took place in Prod, a place Sighisoara.

Here are some shots which I liked and which spoke to me, not necessarily what would represent the contest in a commercial or clear way.

I loved the white dog. It just seemed like a good omen.

ah , perfection 😛

The first day of the contest was pleasant but calm. There were only training contests (meaning horses taking fancy steps or making nice formations).

Then there was a break. The heat was tormenting.

nice crowd

I wonder if the RayBan guy was the one who asked me if  I believe in love at first sight =))

The horses were Romanian. This was a Romanian rider who was exercising with the horse. Later on the switch occurred when the international riders got their horse.

so it was really hot…I guess the girls saw this as an opportunity.

The riders got to go to Sighisoara on a tractor.They actually were very excited.


a beautiful painter from Bucharest

The second day it started raining…..


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  1. […] I said in Beauty, grace and long legs, on the second day we had a taste of rain. But I loved the effects and it cooled the air […]

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