“What am I really good at ?”

There comes a time when you get to ask yourself this question : “What am I really good at?”, because if you answer right you can see the path that, logically*, would give you the best chance at success and even happiness.

These last few days I’ve kept hearing about beautiful dreams that people have. Things that, apart from their rarity these days, are even more unlikely to come true. For example a Belgian student in Romania who is passionate about traditional cultures and gypsy traditional dancing, and she came to this part of the world to be closer to those things, or a young man who wants to be a pilot on supersonic planes (which are very very very scarce in Romania) who, despite all advice, hardships and other “minor” obstacles is in the Academy. Even the director(and founder) of where I am doing an internship seems to have been completely crazy when he came here, 10 years ago, to develop the social capital through learning through experience. My best friend, who wasn’t rich or with connections or other “facilitators”, followed her passion and graduated in photography. I was not as brave as her…my biggest problem was self-doubt.

“What if I am not good enough?” was the question that paralyzed me.  I could stand to be a mediocre pr or economist or mathematician…but I couldn’t stand to be a mediocre photographer. So I didn’t study what I really loved and made me tic.  I can’t say I regret it** , but I wish I had been braver or that I knew that, no matter what I do, I’d still come back this same …love. Everywhere I work, everything that I do, people get to use/see/get the creative part of me, the image maker in me, no matter what I do or what I was initially hired for.

No one knows anything for sure and sometimes that seems most true when it comes to things about ourselves.

I don’t know if photography is the thing I am best at. I haven’t tried everything. But I know that I take thousands of photos a day, even though not always with the camera, that I see things, things that others miss and that it really really really makes me happy.

What are you really good at? Do you love it?

*I say logically because you never know.

**Mostly because I don’t think I am good enough.

I know these photos are probably not the bast examples of “my skills” =))))))))), but I kinda like them.

I really need that f****** battery for the exponometer. Approximating it in my head is not always best. All my indoor shots are underexposed :(((((((

Oh and, what really got me started on this topic was that I read this film is best for street shots. Of course, my tendencies to shoot portraits and details failed enormously….maybe also because the film was really good at street, not portraits. 🙂

I give you (drums)   Rollei Retro 400s

snowing in the city

the curious cat…

curriosity did not kill the cat, but it got me to shoot it…get it? 😀

frosty and some lady

I miss making showmen. Seems the real ones are to “grown up”. gr

Mr X said this looks like some kind of apocalypse. I just like the abrupt ending in the tree and the fluidity in the sky…oh yeah. That does seem apocalyptic.

(the photos have no edit at all)

I know we should stay by the phone,but this is ridiculous.

a frozen stick…don’t know what the conceptual value was =)) I guess I am most proud of the focus. And how the snow just sits on it like film grain. A very strange winter this year.


Liked the framing.

just took the shot. one of those things I can’t help…like smileing.

looks like 1983…but it’s 2011

On my way to the office. I so love it. So central, with important buildings and lots of light.

some people really work…a bit Alice in Wonderland-ish cause right now I am thinking they were trying to fix the old building…and not the glass one.

From the balcony. When the sun sets , the symphony building is the last one to be in the shade. Lovely.


A frozen bucket…that seems to hold on only on the strip of ice. Look closely.


Use your imagination…like the pigeon does.


The burial.

Normally I wouldn’t even think of taking out my camera…but normally I wouldn’t have taken it with me. So maybe, not a normal day.

2 Responses to ““What am I really good at ?””
  1. 1singur says:

    if you stop running after things they’ll come to you by themselves.

    this is what i’m good at, and nobody can convince me otherwise: >>> http://1-singur.blogspot.com/ <<<
    feel free to treat it as spam if you wish, but spend a few minutes with your headphones prior to that.

  2. Report from The Perch says:

    I was being basically idle – encountered the old question which comes around about every other week, “what the hell am I doing with this life, what am I good at, if anything?”

    That first street picture caught my eye because it looked familiar – not the specifics but the feel. You see I made the mistake of assuming you were in america (maybe because of the english). But then the first snow-street pic caught my eye, “hm that doesn’t look like america, looks like Bucharest,” Same reaction with the one “looks like 1983”, and then got to the other buildings: hey that;s the atheneum! This is Bucharest! Made me smile big.

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