Valentine’s Day Post

First of all, what sense would it make for me or you to think about things that do no affect today. The essence of today if actually “you”, it’s the present, the most immediate, the most pressing.

Second , today is Valentine’s Day. As you might have noticed I tend to be sarcastic or ignore holidays with mushiness and feelings because of many reasons. I will, maybe, elaborate on that on another post, but let me say only this, the cliché.

Yet, today I make the ultimate gesture and I am writing a Valentine’s Day post. I feel like a real blogger!  (Yes, I am being extremely sarcastic.)

I guess I don’t feel all warm inside about the Coca-Cola made up holiday or feel to crazy about Christ’s torture or the chaos and money spending of New Year, but there is something about love that makes these chords sing. 

I am not going to write about some advice in love or gift buying or about what girls REALLY want for Valentine’s Day. I could tell you right now in two words everything:  show up!.

Finally, I am writting this post beause I treasure love and if there is a day when the world pinches your brain to remind you “tell him/her that you love her!!!!”, “buy him/her a gift!!”, “take him/her out to dinner”, “open your eyes you idiot!!!!!!!!” , I am all for it. 😀

As a side note to you and not a side note to someone:…even so it’s more that I can ever dream of

Photos: posters of the movie Blue Valentine

Photographer: Davi Russo


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