The Movies

It wasn’t only once that Mr X. fell asleep while watching a movie I suggested. After those experiences I learned what to suggest, but nevertheless it made me think about my own taste in cinematic productions. I watched “Somewhere” and liked it , but I also kind of enjoyed “The A-Team” (although, to my surprise, Mr X. fell asleep during that one two… don’t hate me please).

So, I figured out that the most important thing that makes you like or dislike a movies is what you want to get from it.  If I tell you I liked Twilight and that “A serious man” blew my mind you would think I am either crazy or lying. Well I am not, at least for the second thing, I assure you.

A movie is a lot of things, the most obvious being the sum of it’s parts: screenplay, actors, director, the audio-video result from the camera etc. On a symbolic level you have all sorts of messages: the moral of the story, the context depicted, the world created, the characters, their feelings and so on. Because I find myself interested in every element I can appreciate more movies than people who have a type, whether it’s a genre or “critique approved” vs. “pure blockbuster/chick flick/hot babes in it/that actor I like” stuff. I am sorry that I don’t have access to more independent or obscure productions. I am not a specialist nor have connections in this world to see a Slovakian movie. Sure , there are these movie weeks in the cinemas (Slovakian/Belgian/… movie week), but who has the time to go everyday for a week at 2 pm ? And with whom? :))

At a moment in time a part of someone’s brain cooks up an idea, then a story, then a book/screenplay, makes a set, director actors bla bla BAM! Movie. This also applies to plays, but what is also of importance to me is the encapsulation of the movie onto different mediums that allow you to carry it around or transport it. A play is not a play if not viewed live (or so it seems to me). A movie is a movie because it is projected on a big white cloth or on my computer screen. It’s different from music because the images are crucial (and let’s remember the first movies were mute).

As I am rambling on about random things, I think I am trying to say I like them all and, most of all, I like that we make movies. I, for one, do not consider movies or any other cultural act or product as less important than food. I am sure many will hate me, but if we had stopped at feeding ourselves we would still be in tribes with mud houses.

I am continuously amazed by that fact the we can create a whole world starting from nothing. Most of the time we take things for granted, ” Well duh! people have imagination”. Sometimes though, I am thankful that we have this gift. All our cultural creations originated in the mind, they didn’t fall from the sky or just magically appear. We created them from the nothing or chaos that was before. And that’s cool.

* I got started with the movies because I loved one and felt inspired. Thus photo. More here :black_swan

** Please notice I did not feel the need to give a reference link to Twilight =))


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