I found something amazing

Most of the times I have to try to not make this blog about random tings that might seem routine, like how the buses are crap in this city or how people keep using the work “LOCAŢIE”  as a synonym for “place” when it actually means “A FORM OF RENT” (and how some idiots have accepted it’s usage like this in 2009 when making the DEX = Romanian dictionary). Yet, today on the bus :P, I was thinking that most of you read this blog as a form of routine, the “browsing the internet” routine or “checking my subscriptions” routine or just “trying to stay awake in front of the screen” routine.

The idea that what deserves attention has to be different, special, scandalous or (so called) interesting is nonsense. What we usually, everyday, all the time do should be of interest, both as a collective and as individuals. The guy that drinks all the time, the “all the time” part is wrong; the one that wins all the time, that’s the good part.

I am only making a proposal and suggesting a point of view. Of course I don’t mean we should only focus on our routines or other people’s routines. The special things like a man survives cancer and wins the Tour de France is freaking awesome….but imagine how many routine things he did right in order to win, from eating everyday his veggies to riding that bike every single morning, midday and afternoon. 🙂

I thought I should show you a good photo, as a pardon for my absence and as a consolation for the shitty weather… which produces awesome phenomenons!!!!

Click on the photos.  And sorry for the signature. It just seems like I should protect my work. Not that anyone would actually steal it =)) . If you want a photo of mine, if you need it for wallpaper or stuff like that you can just ask by using one of the many many platforms of communication…many, veeeery many…but this in another post :D.

One Response to “I found something amazing”
  1. Cami says:

    wooow sunt superbe!

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